February 26, 2023

Dear Parish Family: 

Lent is here! The prayer, fasting, and almsgiving have begun! It is important for us not to approach these Lenten practices as a burden but as an opportunity. Let’s take fasting as an example. Fasting from certain things makes room for us to feast on others. It’s not just food that we fast from. Think about this:

FAST from judging others:

FEAST on the Christ within them.

FAST from focusing on differences;

FEAST on what unites us.

FAST from words that tear down;

FEAST on phrases that build up.

FAST from discontent;

FEAST on gratitude.

FAST from anger;

FEAST on patience.

FAST from pessimism;

FEAST on optimism.

FAST from worry;

FEAST on trust.

FAST from complaining;

FEAST on appreciation.

FAST from negatives;

FEAST on positives.

FAST from hostility;

FEAST on hospitality.

FAST from bitterness;

FEAST on forgiveness.

FAST from self-concern;

FEAST on compassion for others.

FAST from anxiety;

FEAST on confidence in God.

FAST from discouragement;

FEAST on hope.

FAST from laziness;

FEAST on enthusiasm.

FAST from idle gossip;

FEAST on purposeful silence.

FAST from doubt;

FEAST on faith.

Let us fast so that we can feast!!

Love and prayers,

Father Neil Sullivan