Each year, the Diocese assigns every parish its financial share to support diocesan ministries and programs. The figure is based on the parish’s size and income.  The DAC is an opportunity for parishes to meet this mandatory assessment without impacting weekly collections or other income.

The Diocese states: “All monies raised for the DAC are only used for the programs, services and ministries for which they are designated. No gifts to the DAC are used to satisfy legal fees or settlement costs associated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg’s reorganization. A listing of all DAC allocations may be found at www.hbgdiocese.org/diocesan-annual-campaign.”

Please reach out to Father Sullivan with any questions about the DAC.  If you have reservations about participating in the DAC, please consider making a special gift directly to Good Shepherd to support our parish ministries.  This frees up other income streams to meet the DAC assessment for which we are responsible (no matter what) without impairing our growing programs.  Together, we can shape a future filled with hope.