February 5, 2023

Dear Parish Family: 

Last week we looked at the different mysteries of our Faith to which each month is dedicated. This week, here’s a look at each day of the week.

Sunday· The Holy Trinity: Sunday is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It is the first day of the week and the day when we offer God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit our praise, adoration, and thanksgiving.

Monday· The Angels: Angels are powerful guardians and each of us is protected by one. Many of the saints had a great devotion to the angels in general and to their guardian angel in particular.

Tuesday· The Apostles: The Catholic Church is apostolic. That is, it is founded on the authority and teaching of the apostles. Each bishop is a direct successor of the apostles.

Wednesday· Saint Joseph: As the foster father of Jesus, Saint Joseph had a special role in protecting, providing for, and instructing Jesus during his earthly life. Saint Joseph continues his fatherly guardianship of Christ’s body, the Church.

Thursday· The Holy Eucharist: Our Lord instituted the Most Holy Eucharist on a Thursday, so it is fitting that we remember this greatest of sacraments on this day. The Eucharist is nothing less than Jesus himself. What gift could be greater?

Friday· The Passion:  Jesus was scourged, mocked, and crucified on a Friday. Because of this, the Church has always set aside Fridays as days of penance and sacrifice. This day recall Christ’s complete self-sacrifice to save us from our sins.

Saturday· Our Lady:  There are a number of theological reasons Saturdays are dedicated to Our Lady. Perhaps the most significant reason is that on Holy Saturday, when everyone else had abandoned Christ in the tomb, she was faithful to him, confidently waiting for his resurrection on the first day of the week.

Marking each day of the week with a special devotion reminds us that time is a gift from God, and with Him and through Him, all things are holy, and nothing is without meaning.

This weekend we are happy to host the special traveling icon of Saint Joseph that is displayed by the baptismal font. Every few years, the Knights of Columbus select an icon of a saint whose patronage is particularly inspiring to the Knights and their communities. The icon then travels throughout the country from church to church.  As you look upon the icon, perhaps ask Saint Joseph to intercede for your family. Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Love and prayers,

Father Neil Sullivan