January 21, 2024

Dear Parish Family,

Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes you shared during my recent medical procedure. Everything went well and I am feeling good! The cards and acts of kindnesses were truly humbling. I am so  very grateful to be your pastor.

It seems like Christmas came and went quickly this year.  At least it did for me.  How about you? Quick as it was, it was absolutely beautiful!   Much grace and many blessings were all around us.   We experienced and did a lot over the Advent and Christmas seasons.  It was all done for the glory of God and to help us – His people – grow in holiness.  But it didn’t just happen.  Scores of volunteers came together and accomplished great things.  Not only was the fruit of their labor beautiful, but the team work, comradery, and generous service were inspiring.  In the decorating and de-decorating, the liturgical ministries at the altar, in the nave and narthexes, and certainly the choir loft, in the cookie baking, church cleaning, angel tree gifting, Senior Santa care packages, the Living Nativity, visits to our homebound parishioners and those in nursing homes, your generous stewardship in the Christmas collection, and coming together as a parish family for our Epiphany Dinner Theatre.  This list goes on and on. Thank you to everyone who helped, shared, and participated in any and every way.   Thank you for sharing the good news and doing good works here at Good Shepherd.

If you thought Christmas came and went quickly, hold on to your hats.   Lent comes very early this year.  Ash Wednesday (February 14) is just over three short weeks away.  Some of our special Lenten activities are in this week’s bulletin and there’s more to come.  Look for our Lenten mailer that will go to all parishioners’ homes at the beginning of February with special opportunities to pray, discover, gather, and share.  

The arrival of Lent also signals the return of our amazing Fish Fry Dinners.  Not only is there excellent food, tremendous service, a great community spirit, and important revenue to support parish ministries, but it provides an experience of Good Shepherd to our local community.   Were not just serving dinners.  We are sharing Jesus.   The Fish Fry would not be possible without dedicated volunteers that serve in a variety of ways.   Team work makes the dream work.   Please consider becoming part of our “crew” this year.  Details are in this week’s bulletin.   

 Grace and peace,

Father Neil Sullivan