January 29, 2023

Dear Parish Family:

Wait! What happened to January? How is it possible that we are beginning the month of February? 

Did you know that each month of the year is dedicated to a particular devotion within the Catholic faith? The following are the common, widespread Catholic devotions for each month throughout the year.

January: The Holy Name of Jesus ● There is no name more powerful than the name of Jesus. His name is the only one that contains the presence it signifies. Jesus is the Risen One.

February: The Holy Family ● The Holy Family is an earthly reflection of the Holy Trinity and teaches us the meaning of love, obedience, and true fatherhood and motherhood.

March: Saint Joseph ● Saint Joseph is the icon of God the Father: silent but active and perfectly providing for the needs of all. The Church constantly calls us to go to Joseph.

April: The Blessed Sacrament ● The Church is the guardian of the Holy Eucharist. We can never be too devoted to the Blessed Sacrament or show it too much honor.

May: The Blessed Virgin Mary ● Our Lady is associated with the beauty of flowers and the coming of spring. She is beautiful and the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, the life of the world. 

June: The Sacred Heart of Jesus ● The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the revelation of God’s immense love for us. His heart is not a mere symbol, but a true physical reality.

July: The Precious Blood ● The blood of Christ saves us from sin. It is the blood of Christ that gives us the hope of heaven. Without the blood of Christ shed for us, all would be lost.

August: The Immaculate Heart of Mary ● The heart of Mary is a motherly heart, a heart full of love and mercy for her children. She is “our life, our sweetness, and our hope.”

September: The Seven Sorrows of Mary ● Aside from Jesus, no human being has suffered more than our Blessed Mother. As any parent knows, watching one’s child suffer is the greatest suffering of all. Mary knows and is with them in their heartbreak.

October: The Holy Rosary ● The rosary is one of the most powerful gifts the Church possesses. This simple yet profound prayer is a means of strength and courage.

November: The Souls in Purgatory ● The souls in purgatory are being prepared to enter Heaven. They are our brothers and sisters, so we pray and offer sacrifices for those who have gone before us, asking that they may rest in peace.

December: The Immaculate Conception ● Mary was without sin from the first moment of her conception to be the perfect vessel through which God would take flesh.

Time is a gift from God, and with Him and through Him, all things are holy. Nothing is without meaning. Blessed February, everyone!

Love and prayers,

Father Neil Sullivan