October 23, 2022

Dear Parish Family:

Often in His public ministry, Jesus took time away to pray and just “be” with the Father. Jesus invites and encourages His disciples to do the same. There are times that we need to step away, think, pray, and renew our relationship with God. A retreat is a wonderful opportunity to do just that. Next weekend, Good Shepherd Parish will have our second annual Parish Retreat from Friday evening through Sunday. Our retreat will once again be held at Saint Mary of Providence Retreat Center in Elverson,
Pennsylvania. The format of the retreat includes prayer, reflection, Holy Mass, private personal time, talks and discussions, and opportunities to just relax and get to know each other.

Our Parish Retreat Team has been working hard for the last several months on this retreat that is “for parishioners given by parishioners”. Please keep our retreat team and our retreatants in your prayers this week and over the retreat weekend:

Retreat Team:
Peggy Ciccocioppo, Barbara and Bill Fenwick
Lorraine and Pat Slattery, Tom Grimme
Camille Smeltz, John Kelly
Jen and Tim Miller, Christine and Dennis Reardon
Lois and Tom Wonsiewicz, Sister Donna Marie
Rich Thibeault, Don Herzog
Father Sullivan

Laura Siy, Carolyn Holencik
Pat Muroski, Patty Spadea
Honorata Rosete, Jim Punchur
Susanne Punchur, Joanne Valentino
August and Carolyn Pfeifer, Patricia Collins
William and Carol Spahr, Suzanne O’Connor
Wendy Grada

Love and prayers,

Father Neil Sullivan