Mary, the Mother of God

January 1, 2023.

New Year’s Eve 

Looking Forward 

Looking Back 

Mary, the Mother of God 

Through the eyes of a mother.  

What did Mary see? 

What does Mary see as she looks forward and looks back.  

Mary sees with Faith, Hope, and Love.  

She sees her Son – God at work.   She sees promised made and promises fulfilled.  

She sees that in the joyful moments, the sorrowful moments, the moments of great light, the glorious moments of life.  

The popular song: Mary, did you know?   

We know the answer to that. 

Of course she did.   The angel told her.  

Even if she didn’t.   She believed.  She trusted. 

A few years ago National Geographic did a feature on whom they called the most powerful woman in the world.  It wasn’t a politician, a fortune 500 CEO, or an actress.   It was Mary. 

Why is she so powerful?  Because of her care of her children and the love of her children have for her.   

She is powerful because she believed. She trusted.  She kept her eyes fixed on Jesus.  And she keeps her eye on us. 

In the Responsorial Psalm, we sang today: May God bless us in his mercy.  

One of the titles we give to Mary is the Mother of Mercy. 

And so as we pray in the very special moment at the end of one year and the beginning of another, let us look through the eyes of mercy.  

To look back at this past year to see how we have experienced mercy.   In what situations have we known the blessing of mercy – God’s goodness, his help, his forgiveness, his presence, his action in our lives.  Where have we encountered him?   And to give thanks for that.  Thanks, praise, and honor for that. 

To look back with mercy as well in our actions and interactions with each other.   To see with mercy, forgiveness and patience all that has been.  To see the good and forgive the bad.  To move forward together toward a new start in peace. 

And then to look forward through the eyes of Mercy to what is yet to be.  All that is to come this year.  All that we know and are planning and all that will surprise us.    

To ask God’s blessing on all that is to come.   And to ask him to help us see his hand in every moment, situation, and person we encounter this year. 

 There is a simple prayer that says:  For all that has been:  Thank you.   For all that is to be: Yes.  

And so as Mary reflected on all that has been in her heart, we say thank you for all that has been. And with her Mary, following her fiat – her yes to God – we say yes to God for all that will be.   

Happy and blessed new year to all of us.    

Reverend Neil S. Sullivan 

December 31, 2022